You are on this page because you are in pain or discomfort!

We are here to help you and get you pain free as quick as we can!

Treatments available:

  • chiropractic treatments

  • sports/deep tissue massage

  • podiatry/footcare

  • acupuncture

  • hypnotherapy

  • life coaching 

To book one of our highly skilled therapists to help with your road to recovery, press the 'BOOK ONLINE NOW' button and to go straight to our customer friendly online booking  system or alternatively call 07395 571 403.

What some of our patients have said about Parkstone Chiropractic


Kezia...''Teresa was able to book me in very quickly, made me feel really comfortable and was able to relieve some of my pelvic girdle pain (at 35 weeks pregnant) in our first session which made me a lot more comfortable walking and sleeping immediately. I wish I had addressed my pain earlier and recommend Parkstone chiropractic clinic, especially for prenatal for those who may be nervous about finding a suitable practitioner''. 

Tom...''10/10 as usual. Saw Sarit multiple times now and the service is fantastic. Will recommend to friends and family''.

Kelly...''My back pain and leg pain had vanished after my first treatment. Would highly recommend to anyone. I have used a chiropractor in the past and the difference is astonishing. Sarit is a magician!''

Kate...''I make a 30 mile journey to see Jason, he is the best massage therapist I have ever tried and really knows how to sort your issues out. Highly recommended.''