Acupressure Neck Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatics form part of your immune system helping and are responsible for cleansing your tissues and maintaining a balance of fluids in your body.  With certain conditions tissue fluid can accumulate and compromise the function of the the lymphatic system causing swelling.


Lymph passes through lymph nodes, or glands, located in the neck, armpits and groins where the lymph is filtered and cleansed, the lymph then drains back into the large veins in the neck. From here it goes back to the heart and is eventually removed from the body as urine through the kidneys.

Gentle massage known as manual lymphatic drainage working through all of the lymph “stations”, joint articulation to encourage fluid movement, springing techniques with deep breathing can help to move the lymph more effectively, aiming to reduce any swelling from ‘pooled’ tissue fluids.


What conditions can MLD be beneficial for?


  • surgery - particularly when lymph nodes are removed after treatment for cancer. 

  • accidental trauma, injury or infection that may damage the lymph vessels and, therefore reduces drainage of lymph.

  • reduced mobility or paralysis - muscle contractions during activity and exercise are important to help the lymph to move.

  • pre and post liposuction

  • pre and post general surgery to help with homeostasis and recovery


Costs - Initial consultation (up to 1 hr 15 mins to go through medical history and minimum of 45 min treatment) = £75.00

1 hr follow up treatment = £70