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Chiropractic is a safe and effective treatment for the relief of complaints affecting the neck, back, legs and many other joints in the body. Chiropractic can also be used to treat tension headaches and migraine prevention. Chiropractic can be used by all ages, from babies to older patients.


Our most common problems arise from issues with posture or sports-related injuries,
and we not only focus on immediate treatment but on the prevention of future issues. 


A chiropractic treatment frequently involves manipulation of the joints, called a 'chiropractic adjustment'. It is a safe and gentle technique which restores function to restricted joints. Often accompanying the adjustment are soft tissue techniques over the affected structures to ease any muscle spasm or tension.

Advice will be given on exercises and/or stretches which will speed up your recovery and prevent future issues. Treatments are tailored to each individual. Our goal is always your health and wellbeing.

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